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The First Step

We meet with you at the site to learn more about your particular site conditions and determine your needs. We ask that a plat of survey be made available to assist us in creating your design. One is necessary if a permit is required for the work.


We will then perform a detailed site survey of the area, considering soil and light conditions, existing plant material, structures, and grade changes.

There is no cost or obligation to you for a design consultation or proposal; however, for projects in which we would develop a full design, a design retainer will be required. This design retainer will be credited toward the cost of your project.


You will be furnished with a plan and proposal that will aesthetically complement your home and perform well in your existing conditions. For more complex projects, visualizations can be created.


We’re involved with your project from start to finish, coordinating carefully with crew supervisors to ensure adherence to every detail. Let’s get started!

Design & Build - Process
Design & Build - Process
Design & Build - Process
Design & Build - Process