Case Study: Room To Entertain

//Case Study: Room To Entertain
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Project Description


Rear Yard

Our clients wanted a distinctive, large outdoor living space with room for a sizable, round dining table and chairs, a fire pit area to accommodate seating up to eight guests, an outdoor grill station, and more room for guests to mill around.

The existing patio doors were set almost two feet higher than grade, and the current patio was constructed at grade level, disconnecting it from the house and making it unnoticeable from inside the home. It was also too small to accommodate our client’s needs.

We designed a large, raised patio with a gas firepit as the focal point of the space, viewable directly across from the patio doors. A walled grill nook off to the side and columns flanking steps out to the lawn also added visual interest. Two steps connected the lawn to the patio and another two connected the patio area to the house, creating a smoother, integrated flow. The warm glow from a crackling fire, as well as from new step lights and uplights in the space, create memorable evenings under the stars for our clients and their guests.