Why Do Leaves Changes Color in the Fall?

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We all enjoy the colors of autumn leaves, delighting in their ephemeral beauty, knowing that all too soon their leaves will drop and winter will be here. Have you ever wondered why leaves change color? Plant leaves contain pigments that give them their color. The three primary pigments in a plant leaf are chlorophyll (which gives [...]


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CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF PROVIDING BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES EVANSTON, ILLINOIS In 1979, when Tom Klitzkie had a full-time job as grounds manager for the Bahai' Temple in Wilmette and his wife Barbara Schwarz was the plant information specialist at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, they started their own business in off-hours. “We worked harder on [...]

First Impressions Are Important

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A Clemson University investigation discovered that landscaping achieves more than a 100% return on investment. This return is of course contingent upon the quality of the work done. Landscapes that are installed competently and professionally distinguish themselves. A well-designed landscape increases in value over time. 'Landscaping is one of the few improvements that adds more [...]