Our environmental stewardship is reflected through both landscape maintenance and facility maintenance. Ninety-five percent of our trucks and heavy machinery are powered by biodiesel, a renewable energy source derived from recycled oils and animal fats, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, all of our backpack leaf blowers are powered by clean-burning propane, which produces 96% fewer carcinogens, 70% less hydrocarbons and 97% less particulates than gasoline-powered versions.

Recycling and Re-use

We recycle thousands of plastic plant containers each year, turn all our grass clippings and leaves into compost, and have construction soil cleaned and reconditioned so it can be used again. Used oil from our equipment is stored in 55-gallon drums and picked up by our oil supplier to be cleaned and re-used.

Waste Reduction and Conservation

In addition to the use of biodiesel and propane, we partner with suppliers that also work to reduce waste. All of the excavated concrete and asphalt we remove from job sites is taken to waste facilities that recycle the materials into new hardscape materials, or the materials are re-used in other ways.

Our nursery houses five beehives to support the pollination of honeybees. Honeybees are often mistaken for Yellowjackets, which is a main reason Honeybees are so misunderstood. Our hives not only support pollination, but they also raise awareness of the decline of honeybees and show friends and neighbors just how easy it is to become a hobby beekeeper.

Environmental Reclamation

We have implemented a 3,400-gallon rain water recapturing system. By reclaiming thousands of gallons of rain water from our roof, we supplement our irrigation system and re-use the water in our nursery.

Our employees work hard each day to beautify our clients’ outdoor living spaces. We strive to make our planet a better place.

NPL Beehive
NPL - Rain Graf
NPL - Nursery