Shrubs in our nursery

Shrubs in our nursery

Taking Pride In Quality

Nature’s Perspective Landscaping has been based in Evanston since 1979. Our facility is located at 2000 Greenleaf Street, directly in the heart of Evanston’s West End business district. Our three-acre facility houses everything we need to be a full-service landscape company. An on-site nursery at our location houses over 3,000 plants and shrubs, allowing us to ensure a high quality of plant material ready to be utilized at the time of installation. We also have an extensive construction yard that allows us to have a volume of pavers and materials in stock, thus allowing less lead time between installations. Our office and design center are also located on the facility grounds, ensuring a high level of quality control by keeping all divisions under one roof.

A fuel change for the better: 95% biodiesel powers the machinery in our nursery

A fuel change for the better

Taking Part in Green Solutions

We have gone to great lengths to finding green solutions for our facility to take part in the effort to sustain the communities we serve and the world we live in. Ninety-five percent of our trucks and heavy machinery are powered by biodiesel, a renewable energy source derived from recycled oils and animal fats, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, all of our backpack leaf blowers are  powered by clean-burning propane, which produces 96% fewer carcinogens, 70% less hydrocarbons and 97% less particulates than gasoline-powered versions.

In addition to the use of biodiesel and propane, we continue the practice of partnering with suppliers that also work to reduce waste. All of the excavated  concrete  and  asphalt  we remove is taken to waste facilities that recycle the materials to be used to produce fresh asphalt or concrete, or the materials are re-used in other ways. This means that the products we remove from our jobsites don’t end up in landfills.

Our leaf blowers use no gasoline.

Our backpack leaf blowers use no gasoline.

We recycle thousands of plastic plant containers each year, turn all of our grass clippings and leaves into compost, and have construction soil cleaned and reconditioned so it can be used again. Used oil from our equipment is stored in 55-gallon drums and picked up by our oil supplier to be cleaned and re-used.  In our building each office is fitted with a recycle bin for paper, plastic and metal. For interoffice printing, weuse both sides of our paper before it is sent to the recycle bin. Our common areas and kitchen are also outfitted with recycle garbage bins. When a new roof was needed, we elected to roof our building with a high-tech white roofing material that insulates and reflects the sunlight, reducing our gas and electric utilities needs. We recently worked with  BASE  (Business Alliance for a Sustainable Evanston) to replace our incandescent exit signs with LED signs.


Our Graf rain harvesting system.

We at Nature’s Perspective continue to look to the future for ways to conserve natural resources. We have implemented a 3,400-gallon Graf rain water recapturing system. By reclaiming thousands of gallons of rain water from our roof, we are able to supplement our irrigation system and re-use that water in our nursery.

Our employees work hard each day to beautify our clients’ outdoor living spaces, and as a company we continually make an effort to make our planet a better place to live.