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16 12, 2010

Case Study: A Nantucket Style Retreat

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Our clients enjoyed everything about their new home– except the back yard, which was exposed to the street, had only grass, a dull, poured concrete patio installed by the home’s contractor, consistently wet soil, and a large, unsightly catchbasin in the lawn. The wide, poured concrete driveway also looked too plain next to the intricately [...]

13 08, 2010

Case Study: Making the Grade

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The existing patio was crumbling and framed with old, unsightly shrubs. Our clients’ magnificent home, built in 1903 for Gordon L. Pirie and Samuel Carson (of Carson, Pirie & Scott), is built on a steep slope from the front of the house to the back alley. A two-story, four bedroom coachhouse was located [...]

4 06, 2010

Create A Home Away From Home

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Ways To Make Your Yard a Place to Enjoy The word “staycation” crept into our vocabulary over the past couple of years when people opted to stay home rather than travel for vacation. Now the word is associated with making your home a destination of comfort, a place you’ll want to spend your free time with [...]

4 02, 2010

A Garden to Inspire You: English Garden Rooms

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  The garden, newly installed in November 2009. The garden the following summer. The English Walled Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden features six different garden “rooms”, paying homage to the contributions of English gardens over the centuries. English gardens mix annuals with perennials and appeal to the senses, and the sound of water plays an [...]

14 09, 2009

Autumn is Great for Landscaping

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Along with the milder temperatures and beauty of fall comes an excellent opportunity for landscaping for your yard. The cooler weather is a signal for plants to stop growing new shoots and leaves above ground, but not below. Trees and shubs continue to extend their root systems, making fall an ideal time to plant. [...]

22 05, 2009

Living Outside the Box: Outdoor Living Rooms

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Patio Possibilities Turning your backyard into an outdoor living room is a growing trend. It offers an extension of your indoor living space and additional areas for entertaining and relaxation. There are countless ways you can liven up your yard to create a perfect outdoor living area for you and your family to enjoy. Thinking [...]

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