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Start watering IMMEDIATELY after the sod is installed . Water frequently and thoroughly for the first 7 to 10 days. When adequately watered, the sod will feel soft when you walk on it. In hot, dry weather, this will mean sprinkling each area every day. In cool moist weather, sprinkling may be necessary only every other day, every third day or not at all.

The proper amount of watering will cause the sod to be completely moist and penetrate the underlying soil a couple of inches. If too much water is applied, the ground will be soggy and footsteps will leave indentations. If insufficient water is applied, the sod will first turn a light gray-green color as it wilts, and then turns brown. The proper amount of water will cause the ground to be a little soft, but will still permit foot traffic. Make sure that when watering, there is an overlapping pattern, this will avoid dry spots. Pay particular attention to the edges, which dry out quickly.
Frequently Asked Questions

What time of day is it best to water? Ideally, watering early in the day allows the sun and wind to dry the grass blades while their roots are irrigated. Watering at night can encourage disease, which spreads in damp conditions. There will be less evaporation if the watering is done during a time of day that is not hot and windy. Some literature suggests that there is a danger of burning tender grass if watering is done in hot sunny weather. We have never seen this happen and we have done a great deal of watering in all kinds of weather. Many municipalities have watering restrictions. These typically do not apply to new landscape planting.

When can our new sod be mowed? Continue frequent watering until the grass is approximately three inches high. This should be about 10 days to two weeks after installation. Are there any precautions to be aware of before the first mowing? Be sure to set your mower to a high setting, about 2 ½”, and mow the sod very carefully. You don’t want to cut off more than about 1 inch of new grass. Clippings should be caught with a grass catcher, or removed to avoid smothering the tender sod. It is important not to wait too long and allow the grass to get too tall before the first mowing. Removing more than 1” of growth can “shock” the grass.

What about after the first cutting? After the first cutting the sod should be knitted down (rooted) and the watering can be reduced. Just keep the sod slightly moist until the fourth cutting, at which point treat it like any established lawn. Allow the ground to dry and then water fairly heavy. One inch of water per week in the form of rain or sprinkling is about right. It is best to apply this water in one or two applications rather than several light sprinklings. The object is to keep as little moisture as possible on the surface where the shallow rooted weeds like to grow. At the same time, you want to encourage the grass roots to grow deeply to seek moisture.

What types of equipment might I need? Protect your investment and get good quality sprinklers and hoses. With proper care, both will last for years. As a guideline we recommend the following equipment: · 1 Adjustable Oscillating Sprinkler · 2 Timers · 1 Adjustable Rotary Impulse Sprinkler · 1 Rain Gauge · Enough hose to reach the furthest corner of the front and rear lawns · Small plastic shut offs to place between hose and the sprinkler.

Helpful Hints

  • Never water by hand if you can use a sprinkler. Not many people have the time or patience to hold a hose for as long as is usually needed.
  • When setting sprinklers, start with the furthest point in the yard. Moving the sprinkler may be accomplished by pulling on the hose rather than walking in the freshly watered area.
  • Be sure that the corners and edges are thoroughly covered. Overlap settings so that there are no gaps in the areas being watered.
  • Use timers to shut the water off if you are not available to do so manually.
  • To get a feel for how long it takes to water, use a rain gauge, coffee can, or straight sided jar set under a sprinkler to see how long it takes to apply one inch of water.


We at Nature’s Perspective are proud to offer one of the best warranties in the business. We back our seeded and sodded lawns, our trees and shrubs, as well as our perennials, roses and groundcover.

Sodded Lawns: We will replace one time, without charge, any sod planted by us that dies within a period of thirty days from the date of installation. If resodding of patching is necessary, this work will be performed as soon as the weather and season permits.

The above warranty is contingent upon the homeowner carrying out the above watering and care instructions as well as the following:

Pest control: Keep plants free of injurious insects and diseases by timely and proper application of pesticides.

Our warranty is void if:

  • Payment is not made in full and within 30 days of the invoice date
  • Plants are damaged by man, animal, insects, mechanical damage, negligence, and acts of God.
  • Plants not planted in the ground
  • Plants damaged by misuse of herbicides or pesticides by the homeowner or any of its agents.

Please refer to our contract for complete details regarding our warranty.