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The first two weeks after installation of your plants is critical to their survival! Plan to be available to “baby” your new plants during this important time of establishment. Watering every 3-4 days is necessary for trees and shrubs, and because their rootballs are much smaller. Perennials and groundcovers should be watered every 2-3 days. Ideally, water early in the day but most importantly—WATER. You may want to invest in a hose, timer and sprinkler to help. If you have an irrigation system, it is crucial that you inspect it carefully to make sure that it is reaching all the new plantings. Almost all systems need adjustment after plant installation. Also, make sure it is set to give adequate water for plant establishment, not maintenance.

Trees and Shrubs: Place the open end of the hose at the base of the plant and allow it to gently flow onto the rootball of the plant. The rate of flow should be such that it soaks into the soil without running off or puddling. You can water each plant individually–five to ten minutes per four feet of plant, or place a sprinkler to cover the area for several (3-5) hours (we do not recommend use of a soaker hose as the only source of water during this initial establishment period).

Groundcover and Perennials: These plants have much smaller rootballs than their woody companions and thus will need more frequent watering. Sprinklers are probably the easiest way to apply water. A sprinkler should be set to run for one to two hours allowing water to penetrate the top 6-12″ of soil.

After the first two weeks, the new plant material will need less frequent watering. At this time, you should reduce watering to 1-2 times per week. Each watering must be a deep, thorough soaking. The rule of thumb is to apply one inch of water per week. This can be accurately measured by setting a can or rain gauge in the planting area and making sure the sprinkler, or the sky fills it to the recommended amount at least once per week (please note– one inch of water wets the soil to a depth of 8-10″).

The mulch we have applied will help in maintaining soil moisture. Dry, windy days mean more frequent watering, cool wet periods need far less. It is important to check the soil conditions by probing the soil with a shovel or trowel if you are unsure as to its moisture condition. If it is dry, add water, if it is moist–sit back and enjoy your plantings. Remember, too much water is as great a danger as too little. A little common sense and observing eyes coupled with these instructions will give your new plants the care they need to flourish.

Proper watering during the first growing season is the single most important factor in successful transplanting, so if you’re uncertain, concerned, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us immediately.

We at Nature’s Perspective are proud to offer one of the best warranties in the business. We back not only trees, and shrubs, but also perennials, roses and groundcover.

OUR WARRANTY SUMMARIZED: Woody plants: We will replace one time, without charge, any tree, shrub, evergreen or vine planted by us that dies within two years from the date of installation. Perennials, roses and groundcover: We will replace one time, without charge any perennials, roses and groundcover planted by us that die within a period of ninety days from the date of installation. The above warranty is contingent upon the homeowner carrying out the above watering instructions as well as the following:

  • Pest control: Keep plants free of injurious insects and diseases by timely and proper application of pesticides.
  • Cultivation: Keep plants free of weeds.

Our warranty is void if:

  • Payment is not made in full and within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • Plants are damaged by man, animal, insects, mechanical damage, negligence, and acts of God.
  • Plants not planted in the ground.
  • Plants damaged by misuse of herbicides or pesticides by the homeowner or any of its agents.

Please refer to our contract for complete details regarding our warranty.