Project Description

Our clients’ home is situated in the lowest spot in the neighborhood, causing rainwater runoff to settle on their property. The front steps were failing and needed to “flow” better. The patio was old and too small for entertaining. A long retaining wall of railroad ties had deteriorated with age. An extensive home renovation was under way, making it an opportune time to address these issues and create a beautiful, functional outdoor setting on their entire property.

We performed an extensive site survey, noting grade changes throughout, and re-graded the property to improve drainage. A new front stoop with cascading steps improved entry to both the main and side door. A new limestone retaining wall and dry stream bed was installed along the side of the property facing the street, to divert rainwater along the back yard to a corner drain. A spacious patio with seat walls was constructed with footings for strength and support. A screen of Spruces along the rear provided privacy from neighbors, and an extensive palette of moisture loving plants, including Hydrangea, Boxwood, Chelone, Astilbe, and Sedge bring lots of texture and seasonal color. Now the newly renovated landscape flows with beauty and function.