Nothing celebrates the season of spring quite like a big, flowering Magnolia tree, with its branches covered with hundreds of large flowers. Pink and white-flowering Magnolias are common varieties in our area. In this post, we take notice of a less common, yellow-flowering variety, Magnolia acuminata ‘Butterflies’, or Butterflies Magnolia.

Butterflies Magnolia is very hardy in our area, and in late May, it blooms with 4- to 5-inch, upright, creamy yellow double flowers, resembling butterflies resting on branches. After flowers have bloomed, bold dark green leaves follow. It has a neat, pyramidal form and reaches a mature height of 20 feet. A sheltered location is best, organically enriched soil is preferred, in full sun to partial shade.

Since it blooms in late May, after any frost danger has passed, spring is a great time to introduce it to your garden.