Looking for an ornamental tree with wonderful attributes that make it out of this world? Consider Galaxy Magnolia, a selection which originated from the prestigious National Arboretum in Washington D.C. It is unique in form and flower among magnolia cultivars. It won the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal Award in 1992.

It begins blooming at an early age and it flowers profusely as the tree matures. Its limbs don’t break easily in harsh winter weather.

Galaxy is a single-stemmed tree form magnolia with ascending branches forming a pyramidal outline. This makes it the perfect shape for narrow planting sites which we typically encounter on our client’s urban and suburban properties.

This plant has a 10 year height of 15’ -20’ with a spread about half as wide.

In spring, dark red–purple, sweetly scented, goblet shaped flowers open and can measure up to 10” across! It blooms 2-3 weeks later than many other magnolias after danger of frost, providing a pleasing and long-lasting display.

Galaxy is great new candidate perfect for a sunny or partially shaded location on your property.