The sound of water from an outdoor water feature adds a relaxing, soothing element in a garden. Water features range from simple ones like a small fountain or bubbling rock that is easy to maintain, to pondless waterfalls that require a bit more maintenance, to those that are far more complex, like koi ponds, requiring high maintenance.

Here are some examples of our recent projects incorporating some of these elements.

Bubbling Rocks and Fountains are the easiest and most economical way to add the sight and sound of water to your landscape, without a big investment or additional space needed for a larger water feature. The rock or fountain is positioned above an underground reservoir that stores the water. A recirculating pump located in the reservoir pumps the water up through the fountain or bubbling rock, where it bubbles over the top and cascades back into the reservoir. Keeping the reservoir filled with water keeps the pump operating smoothly.

Small concrete fountain Evanston




Pondless waterfalls and streams are undoubtedly the most aesthetic and favored features of a water garden. They are installed if the client wishes to have a more substantial water feature and a focal point in their garden. A pumping system recirculates the water over the waterfall, where it typically disappears into an underground reservoir, which should be refilled with water as needed. There is no open water. Pondless waterfalls are gaining in popularity over conventional ponds due to less maintenance required.

The aforementioned water features are perfect for busy folks who want to enjoy the sights and sounds of running water but have little time to maintain a water feature. They are also ideal for families with kids or those with small yards.




Ecosystem Ponds are water features that are great at attracting wildlife. The clarity and quality of the water is maintained through a balance of fish, plants, aeration and filtration. A skimmer removes leaves and debris from the surface of the pond and prevents the pump from clogging. Beneficial bacteria are added to the filter to help to keep the water clean. If you are a fish hobbyist, you understand the care required to keep your fish thriving and happy, and an outdoor ecosystem pond in your garden will bring you much fulfillment.



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