On February 3, 2022, our small-scale, lawn-free, and urban landscape design & build was recognized with a Silver Excellence In Landscape Award in Residential Landscape Construction by the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association. We are grateful for this recognition and the opportunity to create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces.

Client Objectives

Having recently completed the construction of a new coach house, the homeowner was ready to tackle the yard to fully enjoy his space. He desired a completely lawn-free, cozy, and private garden with a modern look to contrast with yet complement the traditional architecture of his 1889 home.

Challenges to Overcome

The backyard sits 8 inches lower than the front yard and neighboring properties, which created a bowl-like feel and inhibited drainage.

Meeting the Challenges

In the backyard, low walls were installed along the sides to help retain the neighboring soil and an underground gravel dry-well was installed to help improve drainage. The hardscape design includes multiple paths and lounging areas, offering different vantage points of the garden, perfect for morning coffee or conversing with friends.  Selected materials include Techo-Bloc pavers, bluestone flagstone, and crushed gravel. Colorful perennials, roses, and flowering shrubs offer interest throughout the year and surround the lounging areas, adding to the cozy feeling.

In the front yard, the low-maintenance palette of astilbe, hosta, calamint, geranium & evergreen liriope adds vibrancy and life, replacing what had been sparsely growing grass.

The Final Result

As seasons turn and the plants mature, an ever-changing backdrop of foliage and flowers delight the senses in the front and backyards. Entering the private space, a soft breeze and a blue sky complete the arrival to an outdoor oasis.