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7 06, 2016

Controlling Grubs

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If you've noticed brown, dying patches in a sunny area of your lawn, or patches of lawn that appear to have been torn up,  it's possible you have a grub infestation. Grubs are insect larvae that feed on the roots of sunny, well-watered lawns during the spring and fall months. They do considerable damage to the root system [...]

25 02, 2014

Save the Date: Sunday, March 9, 1-5 p.m.

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Going Green Matters is a free, family-friendly environmental fair where you can spend a Sunday afternoon learning about a greener lifestyle. This year, it will be held at the Woman's Club of Wilmette at 930 Greenleaf Avenue. We invite you to stop by our table to learn about environmentally responsible products and services for your garden. In anticipation of [...]

3 08, 2012

July + August = Japanese Beetle Time

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Japanese Beetles have descended on the Chicago area. Half-inch to three-quarters of an inch long, with an iridecent green head and copper colored wing covers, they are here in greater numbers than usual due to our mild winter and the hot, dry summer. They eat many different kinds of plants, most notably lindens, crabapples, cherries, birch, roses and [...]

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