27 09, 2019

H2Whoa: Simple Yet Effective Watering Solutions

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Keeping your garden well irrigated throughout the year is important. Lack of water causes your plants to become stressed, harming their aesthetic qualities and making them more susceptible to disease and pests. Therefore, it’s important to find a solution that will take care of your garden for you, especially if you plan on being [...]

28 09, 2018

Fall Watering Guidelines

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To ensure that your plants make it through the winter, it is important that they receive adequate moisture now. In autumn, plants repair their roots, grow their tree trunks and develop flowers for a beautiful display next spring. You can sustain the health of your plants by watering well this fall. Trees, shrubs, evergreens [...]

11 07, 2018

Summer Watering

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Shrubs showing stress from lack of water. Lack of watering makes plants more susceptible to damage and disease. Watering during the heat of the summer is mission critical to the success of your garden and plantings. The simplest rule of thumb? If your plants are looking dry, water them! Summers in Chicagoland are [...]