Winter Care

13 02, 2018

Ice Melts 101: Selection and Application

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A sidewalk cleared of snow and ice creates safety and security. We are often asked what products we recommend to melt ice or improve traction on stoops, steps, walkways and driveways. Many of the items on store shelves are composed of chlorides that are harmful to concrete, mortared areas, pets and the [...]

16 11, 2017

Brighten Your Winter Garden. Support Backyard Birds!

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A female cardinal waits to drink melting snow. Many beautiful bird species, such as the Cardinal, Blue Jay and Downy Woodpecker live in Chicago year-round. With a cold and bitter winter forecasted ahead, you can play a crucial part in helping our feathered friends make it to spring by providing them with water, [...]

15 11, 2017

Prepare Your Garden for Winter

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Winter's cold months are fast approaching! In order to ensure a healthy garden for next year, walk through your garden with this checklist to identify what needs to be done. Lawns: Fertilizing now, if you haven’t already, will both restore the lawn after a hard summer and encourage a healthy green-up in the spring. Schedule [...]

3 02, 2016

What Type of De-Icer Should You Use?

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The right de-icer, correctly applied, creates a safer surface to walk on and does not damage paving. Photo credit: During the winter months, a frequently asked question that we get is “What type of salt is okay to use on my walkway or driveway?”. This is not a question that we can [...]

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