Many of you may know Jose; he probably knows your property. He is Nature’s Perspective’s Maintenance Supervisor (Tom’s right-hand man when it comes to maintenance) and does all our low-voltage lighting maintenance and repairs. Jose has worked with Nature’s Perspective since 1985. He has always been an outstanding employee with an exceptional work ethic, keen attention to detail and strong leadership skills. His most recent accomplishment is receiving his Certified Landscape Technician training and diploma.

The CLT is a voluntary, national, hands-on testing program administered by the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association. It seeks to recognize proficiency in the landscape workforce and upgrade the status of the landscape professional. Certification recognizes those landscape technicians who demonstrate they can meet strict performance and safety standards. It is a difficult program, involving a long series of written tests as well as many hands-on field tests.  We are very proud that Jose undertook this endeavor and succeeded.

He will be visiting your property each month to monitor your maintenance crew’s work, to help identify and address small problems before they become big ones. Next time you see him at your home, offer him your congratulations on this wonderful achievement.

As the Certified Landscape Technician slogan states—Jose is not just qualified….he’s certified. CONGRATULATIONS JOSE!