Do you ever wonder how new plants get their names?  Judging from these names, their plant breeders must have been hungry!

 Meals are available in the sun and shade. Imagine a sunny corner of your garden with a lovely coneflower display using ‘Mac ‘n’ Cheese’ with ‘Tomato Soup’. Add in ‘Coconut Lime’ and ‘Raspberry Tart’ for dessert, washed down with ‘Merlot’ and you have yourself a feast!

 Under the canopy of a majestic shade tree you might find these sweet treats: Hosta ‘Guacamole’, ‘Plum Pudding’ Coralbells, ‘Marmalade’ Coralbells, and Spilt Milk Hosta.

We're crazy about these exciting new perennials.

Match the pictures with the names:

 a) Mac n Cheese Coneflower

b) ‘Plum Pudding’ Coralbells

c) ‘Tomato Soup’ Coneflower

d) Hosta ‘Guacamole’

e) ‘Coconut Lime’ Coneflower

f) ‘Marmalade’ Coralbells

g) ‘Raspberry Tart’ Coneflower

h) ‘Merlot’ Coneflower

i) Spilt Milk Hosta