It’s time to Think Spring… Spring-Flowering Bulbs, that is!

Planted in the fall, spring-flowering bulbs are one of the most effective ways to bring the flowering season of your garden earlier into the spring. They look great in small groups mixed with perennials or shrubs, as well as in dedicated areas planted in large groups. Many of the bulbs we plant are resistant to deer and rabbit browsing, and will come back for several years. Scilla and Glory-of-the-Snow can even spread to form dense masses. Tulips provide the most eye-catching color, but need re-planting each year to ensure a good display.

The following are the most popular bulbs we sell, grouped by relative bloom time. The exact timing can vary by up to a month, depending on weather. Suitable companion plants are also noted.

MARCH: Winter Aconite & Snowdrops

Winter Aconite is the first yellow flower in the garden. Snowdrops are a white early season bloomer. Both of these species grow well under deciduous trees, and often come up through the melting snow cover. Lenten Rose (Hellebore) makes a great companion plant because it is one of the few perennials with active growth at that time of year. Aconite and Snowdrops are deer-and rabbit-resistant.

APRIL: Scilla & Glory-of-the-Snow 

These early blue flowers spread to form a dense colony. They are an excellent complement to the early yellow flowers of Golden Glory Dogwood trees. Scilla and Glory-of-the-Snow (aka Chionodoxa) are deer- and rabbit-resistant.

MAY: Daffodils, Grape Hyacinths, Tulips

Daffodils provide a reliable yellow display year after year. Magnolia trees are a great companion for Daffodils. Different varieties can be combined for a longer lasting display, or pre-mixed packages are available. Daffodils are deer- and rabbit-resistant.

Grape Hyacinth (Muscari) are bulbs with many small flowers that resemble tiny bunches of grapes. They look great with Daffodils or the emerging chartreuse leaves of All Gold Hakone Grass. Grape Hyacinth are deer- and rabbit-resistant.

Tulips provide the most colorful and eye-catching variety of colors in spring bulbs. They look great planted in masses of various colors. In a mixed planting, they can add wonderful color to plantings of Azaleas, Brunnera, and Ferns.

JUNE: Alliums

Alliums are available in many sizes and bloom times ranging from June through late summer. They look great in mixed plantings with Roses, False Indigo, or Beardtongue. Alliums are deer- and rabbit- resistant.

Order Your Bulbs Now

Spring-flowering bulbs are planted in October. This allows the bulbs to produce enough roots to support spring flowers. Having a great plan will help you make decisions easier in the fall.

Nature’s Perspective can help you choose which bulb varieties would best complement your garden, and plant them for you.