As daytime diminishes and evenings lengthen this fall, your home and garden don’t have to be left in the dark. An investment in low-voltage landscape lighting extends the time you spend on your patio or deck, illuminates your home’s best features and surrounding landscaping, improves wayfinding, increases safety and provides security around your property and costs little in utility bills.

We share with you some exciting innovations and products in landscape lighting.

Zoning, Dimming and Color-Changing

FX Luminaire is well known for its use of premium materials, beautiful design, smart technology and fixtures that are are functional, durable and serviceable. Its Luxor ZDC Outdoor Lighting System is capable of zoning, dimming and color changing LED light fixtures around your garden and grounds. The entire system can be managed via smartphone using the optional Luxor Wi-Fi app. This means you can illuminate different areas of your garden at different times, select from 30,000 colors and lighten or dim with the swipe of a finger. Here’s more information about Luxor ZDC below.

Bollard/Path Lights

Photo credit: WAC Lighting.

WAC Lighting has created many lighting innovations since the company was founded in New York in 1984. “Responsible Lighting” is its brand standard, with a commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing, extensive research/development, energy saving technology, design aesthetics and altruism. Two of our favorite products from them are their bollard lights and accent lights. WAC’s bollard lights (shown above) are of aluminum, with a rated life of 60,000 hours, and serve as visually interesting sculptures that illuminate pathways, steps and surrounding landscaping. WAC’s Grand Accent Light 120v casts a moonlighting effect when mounted high on a tree trunk and directed downwards as a downlight. It has integral brightness control and an adjustable beam angle from 10° to 60°, with a rated life of 45,000 hours.

Silhouette Bollard Lights

Dauer Lampen, a US-based lighting manufacturer founded in 2002, produces high quality, energy efficient LED lighting fixtures that are built to last. Its line of Silhouette Bollards cast dazzling, intricate shadows. A variety of powder-coated colors are available to transform these fixtures into garden sculptures during daytime. They are available in 25-inch and 42-inch versions, crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, can be secured in beds, on decks or in concrete and are powered by 2 watts of 12-volt LED technology.

Our LED 5-fixture lighting systems start at $1,995 and include one year of landscape lighting maintenance. To arrange a free staging on your property, and to learn about an exclusive 5% discount that expires on October 31,2018, please contact our office.