An under coping light illuminates an adress. Deck lighting makes evening entertaining possible.

An under coping light illuminates an address. Deck lighting makes evening entertaining possible.

Low voltage landscape lighting is a safe and energy-efficient way to beautify your garden and increase the time you can enjoy it. With a wide selection of eye-catching fixtures and numerous lighting techniques, the system will add value, safety and security to your home.

Landscape lighting emphasizes your property’s best features, adds mood and extends your outdoor living space well into the evening. A properly lit patio can provide just the right mix of mood and light to entertain guests, or to simply relax with your family. Going beyond your patio and selectively illuminating your garden will enhance your yard and extend the nighttime beauty your landscaping has to offer.


Another advantage of outdoor lighting is safety and security. Defining your walkway or lighting uneven areas, such as natural elevation changes or steps, will help minimize the risk of trips and falls. Illuminating poorly lit areas near back gates, alleys or alcoves will also add a level of security around your home.



Landscape lighting can be as simple as installing lights along a pathway, or as complex as lighting an entire property. Whatever the goal, outdoor lighting has come a long way from the harsh glare of flood lighting. Today’s systems use a transformer to reduce your 120 volt electric house current to a safe, efficient, easy to manage 12-volt system that can easily grow or change along with your desires and your yard’s needs. An advantage of a low voltage system is that it can be installed when planting a new garden, or easily added to your current landscaping.

Wall wash lighting increases a garden's evening ambience.

Wall wash lighting increases a garden's evening ambience.

Homeowners can choose among many uniquely designed fixtures for pathway lighting. Accent lights can be used for steps, posts and pillars. More extensive lighting designs can include atmospheric area lighting; moonlighting; downlighting that filter light down from tree branches; backlighting to create silhouettes; wall wash lighting to accent wide areas; spot lighting to accent a particular feature; or water lighting to focus on waterfalls, ponds or fountains.

 A well-designed lighting system heightens curb appeal and distinguishes your property from your neighbors by highlighting a home’s special architectural features and exceptional landscape plant specimens A well planned lighted landscape will provide delightful views of your garden, from your patio, from the street and form the inside of your home, while creating an attractive, safe and secure nighttime environment.