While your garden is waking up from winter, or while it is in transition throughout the year, the quickest way to adorn your property with a boost of color is with seasonal annuals! Fill your empty beds with rivers of colorful begonias, and dazzle your entryway with urns spilling over with petunias and vines. Whether in containers or spread among your beds, seasonal annuals can soften hard edges of patios and stairways, and can also provide colorful dimension in areas that may lay flat. The impact is great, and the results are instant!


Nature’s Perspective Landscaping offers seasonal arrangements for your containers and for your beds. Spring installations typically are done the week before Easter. Summer installations are usually installed before Memorial Day. Fall installations are completed in mid-September. Winter displays are done the week before Thanksgiving.


For spring, summer and fall installations, we select annuals that will have long lasting blooms, and we plant them using a nutrient-rich potting soil that will keep your annuals happy. Winter installations typically include evergreen boughs, berried and non-berried branches and pods.


Let us know if you’d like a specific color or flower and we’ll customize your arrangements, or leave it to our team to design it for you! Our deadline is fast approaching to sign up for a four season installation of annuals. Don’t hesitate to contact our office to learn more at (847) 475-7917.