The temperatures may be cooling down, but you don’t have to move the party indoors. Fire pits bring warmth and pizzazz to your evenings from spring to fall, and even on a mild winter day. Whether you’re enjoying time with your family after a day at work or entertaining a large crowd, there are many kinds of fire pits that can fit your style.

We build custom fire pits using a variety of natural and man-made materials. Here are a few of our favorites.

A Gabouri mortared limestone fire pit with bluestone copings sits inside a contemporary circular patio of patterned bluestone, surrounded with natural limestone outcroppings that can also function as extra seating.

A gas-burning, mortared bluestone fire pit with bluestone copings sits in a rectilinear, multifunctional patio of patterned bluestone.

A gas-burning, mortared fieldstone fire pit sits in a circular patio of patterned bluestone edged with a clay brick border. The logs are artisan-crafted steel, oxidized to a warm rusty color.

A custom mortared brick gas fireplace with seat walls and pergola columns, finished with bluestone copings.

This fire pit area with a Rivercrest fire pit and bluestone and brick edge patio is situated close to sliding doors, making it a focal point when viewed from inside the house.

This fire pit area features a Brussels Dimensional fire pit with Ledgestone copings, and a patio of Brussels Block pavers. Both are concrete materials. Patterned full range bluestone accents the sitting area.

A modular concrete firepit is outfitted with a smokeless insert and topped with Indiana limestone. The heated bench is also of modular concrete and limestone. Note the under-coping lights add extra ambiance at night. A rotten granite patio with a clay paver edge also adds warmth to the setting.

We paved, planted, and illuminated this outdoor setting. The owner’s choice of a freestanding, wood-burning fire pit adds a personal touch and functionality should it need to be relocated elsewhere.

All fire pits must be kept covered when not in use, in order to keep the wood, fire glass, or other media as well as any structural elements inside it dry. A cover can be a steel lid with a handle or a weatherproof fabric cover with an elastic drawstring. Make sure the fire pit has cooled before you cover it. If you have a gas-burning fire pit, make sure you have it winterized by a professional gas contractor in late fall.