Nature’s Perspective is proud to be the official distributor of Flux Designs Organic line of custom furniture and outdoor sculptures. Each product is meticulously hand crafted by skilled artisans in Wisconsin. This Organic furniture will add grace and dimension to your outdoor environment, or as an indoor piece, bring the peaceful essence of nature into your living space.

Styles are limitless and can be incorporated into many functional items: Some examples are trellises, garden, arbors, gates, fences, deck handrails, plant holders, green wall structures, bird baths, gazebos, fire pits, tables, candelabras, fireplace screens, wine racks, counter brackets, cabinet and door pulls, window grates and light fixtures. Truly, whatever you can dream up. Custom orders are welcome. Stop by our showroom, we have trellises and tables in stock.


Large Coffee Table. 24”x 48” Top. 18” Tall. $1650 each   


Medium Coffee Table. 36” Dia. Top. 18” Tall. $1000 each


Outdoor Concrete Side Table. 18” Dia. Top. 28” Tall. $400 each


Small Trellis. 24”wide. 36” long. $225 each  

Large Trellis

 Large Trellis. 36″w x 90″l. $750 each


Arbor. 7’6” Tall. 36” Wide. $2000 each