Preparing your garden for winter

As the season draws to a close there are a few basic things that we recommend be done prior to “putting your garden to bed”  for the winter. 

  1. It is important to clear the leaves from your lawn.  Leaving the leaves on your lawn can smother the turf and encourage disease.
  2. Cut down perennials after they have turned brown and died for the season.  Like the leaves on the lawn, leaving dead perennials standing could harbor disease. When they have been turned brown and killed by frost, cut them back and remove the debris. This gives them a fresh start in the spring.
  3. Cover your perennial beds with a 2” layer of compost.  Hybrid roses and blue hydrangeas should also have a compost mound at their base.  This covering will protect them from a harsh winter.
  4. Put your hoses and pots into your garage, shed or basement.  This will protect them from freezing and cracking over the winter season.
  5. Make sure all your outdoor spigots are turned off ,and if possible, the water to the spigot is turned off inside the house. 
  6. If you have an irrigation system, be sure to have it properly shut down and drained.
  7. Water features, if not heated, should be drained, and the pump removed and stored where it won’t freeze.  If you have any outdoor landscape features that you can’t remove, cover them with a tarp.
  8. Cover your outdoor grills and furniture if needed.
  9. Clean your gutters.  Leaving leaves and debris in your gutters can lead to ice damming and damage to your roof.  Check that your downspouts are clear and working properly.  If you have debris filters for your downspout, be sure the are also cleared of any debris.