Outdoor Living

28 10, 2013

Case Study: Night and Day

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Our clients enjoy being in their backyard and entertaining outdoors. Three years ago, we integrated a new firepit area with seat wall into their old, small patio. This year, they were ready for a completely new outdoor living space, with much more room, functionality and aesthetic value. Wider, modular steps were built to lead down to the new space from rear [...]

14 03, 2013

Case Study: Updated and Refined

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Like many of our clients with newer homes in older established neighborhoods, this family had to make a decision whether to move to a home with a yard more suited to their tastes, or to stay put and customize their landscape from the one they inherited from the builder and previous owners. What they desired [...]

16 12, 2010

Case Study: A Nantucket Style Retreat

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Our clients enjoyed everything about their new home– except the back yard, which was exposed to the street, had only grass, a dull, poured concrete patio installed by the home’s contractor, consistently wet soil, and a large, unsightly catchbasin in the lawn. The wide, poured concrete driveway also looked too plain next to the intricately [...]

13 08, 2010

Case Study: Making the Grade

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The existing patio was crumbling and framed with old, unsightly shrubs. Our clients’ magnificent home, built in 1903 for Gordon L. Pirie and Samuel Carson (of Carson, Pirie & Scott), is built on a steep slope from the front of the house to the back alley. A two-story, four bedroom coachhouse was located [...]