Like the last leaf that has fallen from a tree, we’ve reached the end of another busy landscaping season.

Our fall clean-ups are done. Our trucks, trailers, machinery and equipment are cleaned, conditioned and put away. Our nursery plants are prepared to make it through the winter. Our employees are leaving for a well-deserved break after putting in a season of honest work. With the holidays upon us, we express our gratitude and good wishes.

We express gratitude to each and everyone in our company, featured in our “holiday wreath” above. These are the men and women whose skills, talents and dedication to our company contributed to our successful year.

We also express gratitude to all of our clients, both long-standing and new. We appreciate the projects you entrusted to us, from helping you realize your garden dreams, solving your landscaping issues to keeping your garden looking healthy and beautiful.

We wish you a happy holiday season, and look forward to growing our relationship with you in the coming year.

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