• First Impressions Are Important

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    A Clemson University investigation discovered that landscaping achieves more than a 100% return on investment. This return is of course contingent upon the quality of the work done. Landscapes that are installed competently and professionally distinguish themselves. A well-designed landscape increases in value over time.

    ‘Landscaping is one of the few improvements that adds more value to real estate property than it costs to install’. (Landscape-America.com)

    Landscaping improves that crucial first impression a buyer gets when viewing your home. Creating an attractive, inviting appearance is a great way to reach out to potential buyers.

    Layer of mulchTo enhance curb appeal:

    Add a 3” – 4” layer of natural, shredded hardwood bark mulch to define and beautify planting beds, condition soil, minimize weeds and reduce the need for watering. Avoid the bargain cypress mulches readily found at discount stores, which tend to give an unnatural, garish look, or the spray-painted mulches, which are not good for the environment.

    AnnualsAdd cheer and color to your home by installing pockets of annual flowers and bulbs to flank front entry walks. Fill urns near the front door with seasonal interest plantings. Tulips and Pansies are reliable choices for spring, Petunias and Begonias are just a few of many summer annuals available, Kale and Mums look great in fall, and evergreen boughs, redtwig dogwood branches, winterberry holly and eucalyptus pods bring much-needed color to the starkness of winter.

    Concentrate your efforts in the front of your property. It’s the first impression prospective buyers get. A neglected, unattractive landscape can give the impression the home is also neglected.Interesting palette of plants, suitably sized

    Paint with a varied plant palette, using suitably-sized trees and shrubs in excellent condition.  A combination of evergreens and flowering plants give a dynamic look in all seasons. Using one or two of the same kind of plants won’t do much to bring attention to your home, and using landscape plants that are too small in relation to the scale of the house tend to emphasize a sparseness in your landscaping.

    Consider landscape lighting to accentuate your home’s architecture, to direct views and illuminate walkways. Professionally installed landscape lighting brings attention to the best parts of your home at night and accentuates your garden in the evening hours.Low-voltage Landscape Lighting

    Planning to sell your house this year? Landscaping is a practical and cost-effective way to prepare for the prime selling season ahead.

    A beautiful landscape can express your personality and enhance the architecture of your home. Updating your landscaping is a home improvement that will bring  you joy and increase the value of your home.

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